logoIn May 2016 a global wave of mass actions will target the world’s most dangerous fossil fuel projects, in order to keep coal, oil and gas in the ground and accelerate the just transition to 100% renewable energy. Join this global wave of resistance and come with us to the lignite mines of the Lausitz (Germany) for Ende Gelande 2016.

Dear Friends,

The world is becoming dangerously hotter by the day. Through determined action across the globe we can demonstrate that people everywhere are prepared to resist the fossil fuel industry’s plans to wreck the planet. In Paris we’ve seen that our politicians aren’t going to solve this problem, so we’ll solve it for them!

2016 is the crucial year that will determine the future of the massive brow coal fields in Lusatia, Germany. Vattenfall, one of the big energy corporations in Germany, wants to sell the coal mines and power plants for as much money as possible, instead of shutting them down as they should. A new investor on the other hand would reinvest large sums into lignite (brown coal) mining in the area.

In order to avoid catastrophic climate change, this coal has to remain in the ground. Last August over 1.500 people demonstrated how this can be achieved, by occupying an open-cast mine near Cologne and blocking the coal diggers. But that was just the beginning!

In spring 2016 we say: Ende Gelände (Here and no further) for lignite coal in Lusatia.

To prevent a climate catastrophe we have to Break Free from fossil fuels. To make this message clear people from all over Europe, and even from still further away, we will gather in the Lausitz in may. The Ende Gelande action is planned from may 13 to 16. Before the action there is time to network and exchange skills at the Lausitz Climate and Energy Camp at the same location that starts on May 9th.

Joining from The Netherlands:

To facilitate the Dutch participation in the actions Fossil Free NL (350.org), Groenfront, Students Act on Climate, and Transitie Nederland have joined up to organize bus transfers to Ende Gelande. Travel time from Amsterdam to the Lausitz mines will be about 10 hours.