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Maastricht gaat naar Ende Gelände !

Dear people,

A group of 16 people has indicated they would like to attend the training in mass civil disobedience on June 9 in Maastricht (at the Mandril). Unfortunately that number is still short of the minimum of 20 signups, so we have to cancel the training. However, that does not mean that you will have to join the action unprepared. On Thursday June 20, and Friday June 21, several action trainings will be given at the Ende Gelände camp site.

Since a fair number of people expressed interest in the training, we would like propose a meeting in the Mandril on Sunday the 9th from 14:00 to 16:00 to discuss affinity group formation, and already give it a try to form such groups. This is important since affinity groups are at the very heart of every mass civil disobedience action.

On the internet there is a lot of information available about affinity groups. To prepare yourself for Sunday’s meeting you could have a look at:…/Checklist-affinity-groups.p…

Those of you that are that are planning to visit the EG camp or the action could use the meeting on the 9th also to discuss ways of transportation and travelling together.

In spite of the fact that the actual training had to be cancelled, we hope to see you all for an interesting, useful and fun meeting on Sunday june 9, 14:00-16:00 at Mandril Cultural and Political Center, Cabergerweg 45, 6219 PE Maastricht


Greeting from the Ende Gelände NL mobilisation team

Waar: Mandril, Cabergerweg 45, 6219 PE Maastricht

Waarom naar EG?: Endfe gelaende is een “must go” event. Hier wordt de effectiviteit van echt massale burgerlijke ongehoorzaamheid in de praktijk beproeft. Ende gelaende 2019. Help mee door te laten trainen, voor nu, of voor later.

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